Functional and Not So Functional Glazed Stoneware Pottery

Home is where your art is!

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I lived briefly in Texas and then moved back to Michigan in 1993.  I reside in Plainwell now.  It's a great little town with lots of nice folks.  I owned a gallery in town for 8 years.  I did professional custom picture framing and had about 50 consignment artists; I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and artists.  I finally decided I didn't have enough time for my art and decided to move my business home. I still do framing, but I run the business  out of my house where I can be close to my studio that my husband and I built.  There is a great sense of community in Plainwell.  I love being able to get up and work in my pajamas if I want to (I don't think I've done that yet - but there is always that possibility).